Bonnie speaking into a mic. People are listening.

About PSN

At our May community breakfast, we heard about PSN. Dr Bonnie Robinson MNZM, CEO of Presbyterian Support Northern, spoke about its long legacy of service to Auckland. This mission organisation was founded in 1884. Bonnie’s talk and questions for our own discussion used a quotation from Duncan Macpherson, the Presbyterian Church’s first city missioner in Auckland: ‘With my eyes wide open, I seek to do good.’ Bonnie has adapted the words for PSN: ‘With my eyes wide open, we see the needs of the community.’

We talked about actions that support people to retain their dignity and the range of work undertaken by PSN. In a ‘see, thank, act’ exercise, Bonnie got us sharing in groups about our own community and the small acts of care and compassion that make a difference where we live. It was a great topic for Pentecost Sunday.

Bonnie talks over breakfast to a room of people.