Two images. One of a man and a woman looking at a laptop together. The other is of tools on a table and people fixing items.

Birkenhead repair café: 9 September

People enjoy coming to the repair café for a social time. Everyone is welcome; we offer morning tea and a craft table for families. And then there are the wonderful volunteers who fix things: jewellery, clothing, household appliances, toys, small pieces of furniture, tools – you name it. If your repair requires a new part, please bring it with you. No charge for repairs.

Read about the successful June event.

See you on Saturday 9 September at 172 Hinemoa Street from 9.00 a.m. until noon. Co-hosted with our friends at Highbury Community House.

Wooden toy stroller being repaired.
People seated at the repair tables as fixers work on repairs. Lots of tools on the tables.