Clouds in a blue sky. 'Come to Quiet in 2024. Second Tuesday each month. 7 pm. 97 Onewa Rd, Northcote.

Come to Quiet in 2024

Whether you are an old hand at meditation or new to the practice of Centering Prayer, we welcome you to Come to Quiet. Each session starts with a video introducing us to someone well versed in things theological. We have a tea break and then have a 20 minute session of silent prayer.

This quotation describes what we are reaching for during our practice:

‘In the gentle embrace of stillness, our souls find a sacred guide, a whisper of divine wisdom that transcends the noise of the world. In the hushed chambers of contemplation, the chaotic echoes of daily life yield to a quietude where the profound becomes palpable. Like a timeless river, stillness carries us beyond the temporal, unveiling the eternal truths that lie beneath the surface of existence. It is in this deep quietude that our inner compass aligns with the divine, and we become attuned to the subtle promptings of the sacred within.’

from The Word of the Week for 14 January from Contemplative Outreach.

Do join us if you would like to try this method of engaging with the Divine.

We meet at 7.00 pm on the second Tuesday each month, in the downstairs lounge at 97 Onewa Road, Northcote. Parking off Woodside Ave. No charge to attend.

Group of four women are standing and talking; they are holding cups of tea.
Come to Quiet August 2023