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Make use of Lent

The word ‘Lent’ comes from Old English ‘lencten’ – springtime. The word is related to ‘lang’ (long). It names the period when the days are getting longer. The forty days leading up to Easter.

Okay, the days are not getting longer in the southern hemisphere. That is a northern hemisphere phenomenon. That fact of the natural world aside, how about we ‘lengthen’ ourselves spiritually this Lent? Going further and deeper into the self-knowledge that will enable us to make choices that affirm love and life itself. Take a look at Matthew 4: 1-11. Isn’t making the positive choice not about ‘good’ or ‘bad’ things but about decisions made for the right reasons? From a motivation that is life-affirming.

May Lent be a time to learn about ourselves and the unique places God has called us to hold. Let’s decide to grow forward in our lives. That’s the intent we can bring to all the scripture we’ll read over the season. As to every thought we allow to become our prayer. Thanks be to God.

— Greg Morgan

Moderator’s message for the season of Lent

Right Rev. Hamish Galloway offers a Lenten message ‘in a nation hungering for hope.’

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