We love welcoming visitors to our activities. We enjoy getting to know people over time, and welcome the views and skills they share. Note that ‘membership’ of our church is not required to receive Holy Communion. At Onewa Christian Community all are welcome to take part in the communion.

People often ask about membership of the church they attend. This is because they want to be more involved. They are keen to take part in decision making and contribute to direction setting.

There are a couple of membership types for you to consider: membership and associate membership.

(Are you still looking for a faith community to call your home? Take a look at the Presbyterian Church’s advice on finding and joining a church.)

What does membership of the Onewa Christian Community involve?

All members and associate members must recognise:

  • the Church Council’s authority
  • other courts of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. We follow the Presbyterian Church’s Book of Order.

Onewa Christian Community keeps records and pastoral rolls to meet church requirements. We have a privacy policy to protect personal information. We also report on memberships statistically.

Members of the Onewa Christian Community

Members may:

  • nominate people for the Church Council
  • receive nomination for the Church Council
  • vote in the election of elders or for a minister’s calling
  • exercise the rights of a communicant member of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Church Council must consist of at least 60% church members.

Associate membership

The Church Council may receive associate members. An associate member is anyone who wishes to connect with the vision and the life of Onewa Christian Community.

Associate members may:

  • take part in the congregation meetings
  • vote in church elections and for a minister’s calling
  • nominate people for the Church Council
  • receive nominations for the Church Council.

Associate members may comprise up to 40% of the Church Council.


We are always happy to answer questions about membership and other opportunities for talking part in the life of our community.

Man wearing glasses, a colourful shirt, silver jacket and pounamu.
Greg Morgan, Director of Community Engagement