The word 'PEACE" engraved in a stone which is sitting in brown, dry leaves.

Moderator’s message: Hamas Israel war

The Moderator of the PCANZ, Rt Rev. Rose Luxford, issued a message on 26 October which draws on Matthew 5:9, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers.’

I know that some of you have strong views on this war, and on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Today, both Israelis and Palestinians are living in fear, are injured, are mourning the loss of families and friends. I invite you to join me in prayer for:  

  • A ceasefire.  
  • Those killed, injured, and all who care for them.  
  • The release of hostages taken by Hamas.  
  • Safe humanitarian access into Gaza so that much needed aid can be provided.  
  • Those trapped and those who have had to leave their homes.  
  • Those risking their safety to help.  
  • For peace-keepers and peace-makers.

Rose also invites people to consider supporting the humanitarian appeals launched by CWS and others. Read her full message here.