Logo: N heart W. 'Te Wiki Tūao ā-Motu national volunteer week'

Our wonderful volunteers

Onewa Christian Community functions only because of the volunteers whose time and expertise keep us going. It’s a vast range of activity: picking up and delivering donated bread several times a week, taking items to a local foodbank, giving to other charities and causes, welcoming kids and families at mainly music, volunteering to pack food co-op boxes, hosting Thursday group, running a bunch of community events and activities throughout the year (the Birkenhead Repair Café, craft sessions and more besides, organising the monthly community breakfast and the guest speakers, making the services and church business happen (church council, committee work, working groups, maintenance, music, videoing, participating in services, children’s church, pastoral visits, providing leadership, hospitality, holding fundraisers … so much more besides).

'The big shout out' in a speech bubble. In red.

Greg Morgan, our Director of Community Engagement says: ‘Any list of what our volunteers do leaves out something! There are magical acts of kindness every day in this community. People’s goodwill is powerful here. A big shout out to you all.’

Watch our thank you video for National Volunteer Week. It features an acknowledgment from Greg and words of thanks from Rev. Jin Sook: