Ask about room hire in one of our buildings. We have two locations: 97 Onewa Road in Northcote and 172 Hinemoa Street in Birkenhead.

We have worship/auditorium spaces that seat 100+, small rooms, lounges/hall space and well-equipped kitchens. People use our flexible spaces for workshops, meetings, focus groups, children’s programmes, support groups, community activities and social functions. Need a piano or organ? They are in place! (Extra charges apply for the use of musical instruments and audio-visual systems.)

Please book ahead of time. Our office is staffed part-time and so we might take a couple of days to answer your query.

Soft padded blue chairs on carpeted floor; also visible: quilted wall hanging, heat pump, video screen, coloured window. All in blue shades. Available for room hire.
172 Hinemoa Street
Rows of chairs from behind, looking down the church to the front. Large wooden cross and banners displayed. Available for room hire.
172 Hinemoa Street
Inside of the church with most of the chairs stacked away. Carpeted floor and coloured glass window; wooden ceiling. Available for room hire.
Chairs moved at 172 Hinemoa Street
Interior of the hall: carpeted floor, some seats, an AV screen and speaker; windows. Available for room hire.
Hall, 172 Hinemoa Street
Carpeted lounge areas and doors opening into the church. Available for room hire.
Lounge space, 97 Onewa Road
Interior shot of church space, carpeted, with chairs set out in rows. High ceilings and wood features. Available for room hire.
97 Onewa Road

Rooms and prices

Rates are by the hour, the half-day or day. Here is the current schedule of rates. We are happy to discuss casual, regular or long-term bookings. Please note that bookings for social functions are by special arrangement, subject to conditions. See the notes below regarding ‘community’ and ‘commercial’ definitions.

Church/auditorium + kitchen, 172 Hinemoa Street

  • Seats 100-130
  • Community rate: $30 per hour; $100 half day; $150 whole day; Commercial rate: $40 per hour; $130 half day; $200 whole day

Church/auditorium + lounge + small kitchen, 97 Onewa Road

  • Seats 100-130
  • Community rate: $25 per hour; $80 half day; $130 whole day; Commercial rate: $30 per hour; $100 half day; $175 whole day

Hall + kitchen, 172 Hinemoa Street

  • Seats 60-80
  • Community rate: $25 per hour; $80 half day; $150 whole day; Commercial rate: $40 per hour; $130 half day; $200 whole day

Downstairs lounge + kitchen, 97 Onewa Road

  • Seats 35
  • Community rate: $25 per hour; $80 half day; $130 whole day; Commercial rate: $30 per hour; $100 half day; $175 whole day

Offices (2 rooms joined), 97 Onewa Road

  • Seats 15
  • Community rate: $15 per hour; Commercial rate: $20 per hour

Small room, 172 Hinemoa Street

  • We might be able to make a small meeting room available to you for around 6-10 people. Please use the simple form below to enquire.

Notes regarding room hire

  • All prices include GST.
  • Bookings are for the minimum of one hour. Starting on the half hour might be possible.
  • Unless special arrangements are made, the buildings close at 10.00 pm.
  • Please make sure your booking covers set up and pack down time.
  • No smoking or naked flames are allowed on any of the church properties.
  • The community rate is for not-for-profit community groups or organisations, community classes and religious groups that offer free community services and do not charge participants. The commercial rate is for any organisation (including not-for-profit or charitable status groups) that charges its participants, clients or students, and commercial organisations.
  • Hirers sign a short form hire agreement before building use (covering health & safety, insurance, refuse disposal etc.)
  • Use of musical instruments: add $50 per booking. Audio-visual equipment: add $20 per booking.

Ask about room hire: simple form

To check availability and get an estimate, please use this form and we’ll be in touch. Remember that you should include set up and pack down when you are giving times.

Room hire query

Alternatively, use our calendars to see when a room is available

See the calendar options below.

Calendar 1: bookings in place (view only)

View the calendar here. Bookings are listed by space.

Calendar 2: times that are free – request a booking

You may check in the calendar to see if a particular room is available and request it using the form below.

Select Location from the pull-down menu and choose the room and time that your booking will start. Put more info about the booking in the request details and submit. We’ll be in touch. The booking will not be confirmed until you hear from us.

Brick church building.
97 Onewa Road, Northcote