'Birkenhead Pride' on a multi-coloured background. February 1st-29th. 'Join, share, learn, create, belong.' Logos of partnered organisations and a rainbow heart next to the words 'Birkenhead Community.'

Birkenhead Pride ’24

Rhion Munro (he/they) spoke at one of the Birkenhead Pride events hosted by Onewa Christian Community. Rhi is a founding member of The Joyful Movement. He shared experiences that led his younger self from a childhood love of dance to give up dancing … and then return to joyous movement in his 30s. He offered insight into issues many Trans and Non-Binary people face in accessing options for movement and participation.

A man in his 30s speaks at the front of the church. Behind him are the banners that read 'peace,' 'love' and 'joy.'

We also hosted a community potluck open to anyone and everyone. We’re proud to be part of Birkenhead Pride and look forward to future activities in our area.

Two women smile enthusiastically at the camera. One is holding a large green frog made from balloons. Stacks of balloons ready for making into things. In the church hall - piano, cushions and tapa cloth visible in the background.
Street scene in Birkenhead and 'Birkenhead Pride' in coloured letters.