Here is some information about who we are, our interests and values. You are welcome to get in touch with questions or ideas. See below for our child protection officer.

Who are we?

We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. We are on the north shore in Auckland. The parish includes Beach Haven, Birkdale, Birkenhead, Northcote, Hillcrest and some of Glenfield. The people in our community value being able to share their evolving spiritual awareness. We aim to do so without judgement. We are open-minded and like talking with each other. We’d love to welcome you and hear your story.

We are committed to applying the teachings and example of Jesus in everyday life. Accordingly, we are big on inclusiveness, collaboration and interfaith respect.

Onewa Christian Community is all about people working together. Members directly elect our Church Council governance group. Leaders (‘elders’) and members are active across all our activities.


Woman sitting in the church. She is Korean; wears glasses and is smiling. A coloured window and baptismal font are behind her.
Rev. Jin Sook Kim

The members of the ministry team are: Rev. Jin Sook Kim, Minister; Rev. Robyn Allen Goudge, Music Director; Pauline Soo, Administrator.

Please contact us at any time.

Rev. Jin Sook’s number is 021 0295 2589. For general enquiries, phone 021 0919 7097.

More about Onewa Christian Community

You might like to worship with us and see if our services meet your needs. We welcome children and people of all ages and stages.

We aspire to be an active and innovative Christian community that provides leadership and builds partnerships in our fast-changing world. – Our vision (adopted 2021)

Our values

  1. Community
    • We focus on people, personal connection and treating everyone with respect in practical ways (‘manaakitanga’).
  2. Diversity and inclusion
    • We want to reflect and support the community around us.
  3. Open heart / open mind
    • We make space for personal and spiritual growth. We promote real and meaningful connection with others.
  4. A living faith
    • Active faith begins at the point where certainty ends. A living faith involves faith in oneself, faith in others, faith in the future and faith in God.

Our mission

To achieve our vision, we will:

  • be innovative in our approach to life and worship
  • demonstrate our willingness to share life experiences and spiritual awareness, promoting the teaching and practice of Jesus
  • seek out opportunities to promote inclusiveness, interfaith awareness and collaboration, especially through partnerships with local community organisations
  • be visible in the community as we live our values.

Our logo

It’s different by design! The larger area served by Onewa Christian Community is surrounded by sea. The sea is ever flowing; waves constantly build and ebb. This tidal movement is depicted in the waves. A leaf (or a large feather?) is another nature element. Trees grow around us. This leaf is free, carried along by the breeze above the surface of the water. The water? Well, is it the sea? It could be one of the streams flowing through our urban landscape; the leaf detached from an overhanging tree. Note the leaf shape connects with the ‘i’ in ‘community.’ So there is connectedness, perhaps an anchoring. Yet the leaf shape is open at the top, expressive of upward movement and open-endedness. There is space for more.

Image of water and a leaf or feather; words read: 'Onewa Christian Community Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand.' Set on a blue background.

Child protection officer

Please get in touch with Nan Inkson or Rev. Jin Sook Kim if you wish to discuss a concern. Contact information.

Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and an image of a bush with flames above.