'Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Onewa Christian Community.' Christmas decorative background.

We were in Christmas party mode

What a fun few days as we counted down to Christmas!

From our conversations workshop on 6 December, we headed into the Northcote Christmas craft afternoon on 8 December. That included afternoon tea. Then on to the last mainly music session for the year (presents and food) and the Thursday group lunch. Thursday group is a social time for adults of all abilities. What did we have? Games … presents and food.

On the 14th, the Bricktastic Christmas event in Birkdale. Thanks to Bricks 4 Kidz for running this with us. Kids completed a number of challenges, including coding a moving camel to travel along so that the wise men could find Jesus. No presents or food (well, chocolates), but plenty of fun and the event was attended by pre-schoolers and grandparents alike.

Thanks to everyone who came along to our all ages, all stages activities. And to the helpers who made these regular programmes and special events possible. Getting together like this provides an opportunity to make new friends and socialise with other families. Oh, we held the last Bible Talk for the year: homemade pizza and Bible discussion together. How special is that? Meri Kirihimete!

Kids at a table of LEGO.
Bricktastic Christmas
Group of adults and children sitting on cushions. Some Santa clothing is worn.
mainly music
Mum and child. Daughter dressed up for Christmas. Both smiling at the camera.
Crafts galore
Assortment of people in Christmas clothing are seated in a decorated hall. Two people are in wheelchairs.
Thursday group
Adult and child, each in a Santa hat, working at a craft table.
Christmas craft
Man in a Bricks 4 Kidz shirt smiles at the camera, thumbs up.
Thumbs up from Bricks 4 Kidz
LEGO camel with three wise men aboard.
Big assortment of LEGO pieces on a table.
Circle of seated people as Erica, standing, presents. This is in a church decorated for Christmas.
‘Navigating challenging conversations’
Homemade pizza