Picture of sunflowers. 'Understanding nonviolent communication with Camelia Petrus. Limited to 20 participants.'

About nonviolent communication

We hosted an interesting workshop with Camelia Petrus on nonviolent communication or NVC.

With reference to thinking developed by the clinical psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, Camelia provided an overview of the skills that can be practised and used to achieve harmonious and empathetic conversations. What are our intentions in speaking? How can we use non-judgmental observation to clarify our feelings, needs and requests? We talked about self-empathy (what’s going on within?) and empathy and honesty in relationships (what’s happening for others? What are we hearing? What’s my conscious intention to connect with another?). Are we alert to the four Ds of disconnection? Diagnosing or judging; Denying responsibility; Deserving; Demanding.

A woman presenting in the church, group of people listening. Coloured cards are laid out on the floor.

This workshop was another we have run with the support of the Justice-Compassion Trust. Where next for this project? After kai, attendees discussed the value of these better conversations – restorative thinking workshops. People expressed a wish to continue them, growing the discussions in reach and diversity. Interested? Contact Greg.

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