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Justice-Compassion Trust

The newly formed Justice-Compassion Trust has awarded one of its first grants to Onewa Christian Community.

About the Justice-Compassion Trust

This Trust was set up in 2022 at the instigation of the Rev. Dr James Symons, a retired minister of the Presbyterian Church of the USA, who spent time in New Zealand between 2001 and 2012. Jim served as a transition minister in eight New Zealand churches, and now, out of a passion for justice and compassion and in gratitude for friendship offered, he is funding a trust to help New Zealand churches and communities move in the missional practice of justice and compassion.

Aims of the Trust

The overall aim of the Trust is to raise the church’s engagement in local communities in ministries of justice and compassion. Work in justice and compassion will be defined for the purposes of the Trust as those projects, enterprises and ministries that exemplify the way of Jesus of Nazareth who embodied justice and compassion as core values. Read more about the Trust on the Charities Services website.

Justice-Compassion and Onewa

Onewa Christian Community applied to the Trust for support to start a local wellbeing project that will focus on:

  • hosting a counselling student placement and providing free support
  • developing facilitation skills offered without charge to community groups
  • creating a network for restorative practice.

The Trust awarded $6,000 for this project.

Greg Morgan, Director of Community Engagement, acknowledges this financial support. ‘We’re grateful for this practical investment as we become a missional church that makes and sustains a positive impact in the wider community. We also appreciate the Trust’s moral support. There is a strong theme of compassionate justice in the projects we are about to get under way. We know we must work with a range of community partners for these ideas to make a difference. We’ve made that commitment to the Trust.’

Greg adds that he’s keen to hear from anyone interested in helping to form the restorative practice network. Please make contact.

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