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Building compassionate communities 2024

Building Compassionate Communities is a project we started in 2023 with support from the Justice-Compassion Trust. We have run a number of public workshops on ‘Better conversations’ and ‘Restorative thinking’ – see the newsletters below. Contact us if these are not accessible to you.

The next series of workshops will focus on Building Compassionate Communities. Again, we are thankful to the Justice-Compassion Trust for support. These workshops and talks are open to anyone who is interested in growing opportunities for people to talk with others and learn the skills of building cohesive communities. Would you like to join us? Come along.

Special thanks to ANCAD for taking on the promotion of events, including handling registrations.

Next workshop

'Cultural sensitivity in New Zealand, with speaker Ivan Yeo (Asian Family Services). A repeat, to meet demand! Friday 2 August 1-3 pm. Onewa Christian Community, 172 Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead. (NB street parking only. Accessible building and toilets.) Free. Tea and coffee served. What we’ll cover: Forging meaningful connections with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds Enhancing your knowledge of various cultural viewpoints to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts Fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance Being cognisant of your own cultural biases and preconceptions Remaining open to learning from other cultures Showing respect for cultural dissimilarities Being attentive to non-verbal cues like body language and facial expressions Exercising patience and understanding in cross-cultural interactions. The workshop will feature an introduction to the Integrated Tree Model. Asian Family Services has developed this unique model specifically tailored for people working with individuals from migrant backgrounds.' Logos of Asian Family Services, Building Compassionate Communities, Onewa Christian Community and Auckland North Community and Development. Coloured background and a picture of eight people smiling at the camera.

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Join our planning group

We welcome people who would like to be part of the small group that leads this project. Mention that when you attend one of our sessions.

Newsletters covering earlier workshops

Please contact us if these newsletters are not accessible to you.

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